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Friday, August 31, 2012

It's a Clean Freak Thing

and When I say clean freak... I don't mean myself. Well I am a clean freak.. Like crazy OCD everything has to be organized and perfect.. But when it comes to eating dirty fruit.. I could care less.. Eating dirt is good for you right?? Makes you stronger? Boost your immune system? Well that's my theory! {I'm seriously going to be the best mom ever...} But... If you are a germophobe.. {again, not me at all!} I have a little somethin somethin that I think you just might like!

But first I need paint a little picture for ya'll... I’m sitting in a McDonald's, brother is sitting across from me watching endless Netflix movies involving dinosaurs.. Don’t ask. on my phone which is about to die.. in Payson. I’m SUPPOSED to be at my aunt and uncle's ranch in snowflake buuut someone’s car decided it had enough 30 minuets out of Payson. So I’m here with my daddy's laptop blogging. at a McDonald’s. While my superman of a Dad is fixing the car. Huhhh... Did i mention I’ve been here for like 3 hours!? Yeah well it’s true. But making the best of it! And yeah that means venting to you people who actually read this. Anyways.. Keep scrolling and you’ll get what you need..


Produce Soak!!
{Yayyy for clean fruit and vegetables!}
Ok so I saw this on Pinterest {obvious} And I was like.. Yeah I kinda wanna do this... becauseeee this lady was all like.. the water was brown when i was done soaking my fruit. and I was like okok lady... that is NOT even true! Brown?! Seriously!?? So I wanted to prove that she was totally exaggerating like a crazy! But guess what!? When I got done... the water definitely had a brown tint. No jokes! Plus there was a billion little floaties! So if you don’t wash your fruit... you’re eating that! {Don’t worry I used to be that person eating all that, it happens..}

Fill your sink with water and add a cup of vinegar. Add your fruit and soak for 10 minutes then just rinse your fruit real good and that’s basically it! Another fun fact this will help preserve your berries! Mine last way longer when i do this!


Fruit is my favorite! Especially when it’s easy to access for a little snack!

{Oh and heads up, don't soak peaches I think it makes them squishy, but I'm not 100% sure if it was just a bad batch or if it was the soak}