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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bridal Shower Bliss!

I am so excited to be here right now! Today is the day! Ok so remember my beautiful friend that was engaged a few post back!? Well she is now a married woman! Seriously guys they are adorable! They live in my apartment complex and I go over there all the time and just fall in love with them because they are thee cutest newlyweds ever! 

Anyway! Im getting carried away! So me. Ahem.. Her Maid of Honor. Threw a gorgeous shower for her! {With the help from my wonderful amazing friends!} Like seriously it was adorable, people were talking. 

The theme for this shower was... well... Pinterest
I basically got cheap stuff at goodwill {on half off days of course} and booked marked a dozen {incredibly easy} DIY projects and went to work!

{Old picture frame turned into a chalkboard}

{Front display table overflowing with pictures of the cute couple! Got all the frames at Goodwill or they were donated}

{Got these wooden letters at Hobby Lobby for $1.50 each {{half off}} and painted the chevron pattern myself}

{My super talented Alayna made an incredible Letters to the Bride book. Wish I would of got a picture of it! It was filled with cute quotes, pictures, advice, and letters from those who were close to her}

{A 16x20 print at Costco is only $6!}

{The food tables}

{Got these Wooden Plaques at Hobby Lobby for just under a dollar each {{I wish they would have been half off!}} and made them into chalkboards for cute little labels}

{More chalkboards for the dessert table!}

{Cake Stands. For the tops we used stovetop burner covers, trays, a cutting board, and tart pans all from Goodwill and the Dollar Store}

{Homemade cakes by yours truly! This chocolate and mint one was to die for! I did a frosting technique that is usually used on cupcakes... and it turned out fabulous on the cake!}

{My favorite! They are just so cute and perfect!}

{This monster! Adorable... But extremely heavy!! It was a little hard to get up, but once we did it made the shower!}

{Burlap Banner. I saw a picture of one of these somewhere and fell in love! Basically you cut triangles out of burlap and use stencils to paint the letters, we added colored card stock to the backs for a pop of color and to make the burlap more sturdy. The flags are attached with clothes pins which I love because that means the letters are interchangeable and I can reuse it!}

{Paper Garland. We put these in front of all the tables, I honestly love these! And they were so easy to make!}

 The shower went great! 
I had to snap a pic of Whitney showing Marco all the stuff they got! It was just too cute!

Easy As 1, 2... That's It! {Paper Garland}

I. Love. This. I love it! Its just the right touch for ANY event and its E-A-S-Y

Step one.

Collect card stock in the colors that you want along with an old book that you don't mind ruining forever.

Step Two.

Grab a circle cutter and and an eager volunteer.
{preferably one who is crazy and will make you laugh the whole time} 

Step Three.

Cut your heart out! Seriously cut out a million! 

{I mean have your volunteer cut out a million...}

Step Four.

Sew those bad boys together!

 {AKA... The most fun you'll ever have! The sewing machine will do most the work, you just have to feed it.}

{Step Five: Make sure your volunteer doesn't get distracted...}

 Anddddd that is it! What did I tell ya?? Easy.

It's the Simple Things {Yarn Bottles}

Guys! I've been dying to make one of these! FOR-EVVV-ER! I finally got around to it, and I'm probably gonna make 100 more! Becauseeee it's super duper easy and FABULOUS!!!!

 {Glue. Bottle. Yarn.}
{Had. Had. Had.}

 {Basically all you do is wrap the bottle in yarn. Self explanatory... Getting started is a little tricky. I put a strip of glue at the base of the bottle and wrapped a single layer and let it dry completely. Then I just kept wrapping, stopping every once in awhile to add a drop of glue here and there. }

{I wrapped it twice because there was little mishaps and gaps}

{Don't ya just love the way it looks?!}

Then I just added a bright little flower and called it art!

My shelves are almost done!!! 
Feel free to give me something to put on my remaining empty shelves... It's been a hard long battle with these little stinkers! 

Total cost: $0
This project is done did!!!!
{Tip: Save your bottles! The bottle I used was a lemonade bottle! SoBe, beer, wine, ect. would all be great candidates!}

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Winter Hipster Love

Photography! Photography! Photography! Thats all I can think about! I feel like is is my calling in life! So that being said... when Tobes asked if I wanted to take a little road trip to Globe to scout out good photo shoot spots I was so down!

We started our little adventure in the little town of Superior!

 {This is definitely one of my favorites! Tobie is such a natural! She did such a good job!}

{Superior was great so many awesome old buildings! My favorite were the colored buildings like this yellow one}

Then we made our way to good ol' Miami

{I love the winter hipster theme that she went for she totally rocked it}

 {She is so awkward and I love it}

I'd call our day a success! We had so much fun and I got some great new ideas!