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Saturday, September 15, 2012

All Me

Hey happy readers! My name is Kelsey Stradling, i am from mesa, az, I'm 19 years old... and I'm a pinterest addict.
I eat, sleep, and breath my pinterest app! {I've got a serious addiction} but its okay! Because I've learned and gained so much from it! I love to sharing my secrets and successes! And i love. to. talk!
{My wonderful mother who i thank for my creativity, and my two sisters}

Along with making things and decorating my very first apartment {which might i add is going very nicely} I love being in the kitchen! finding and trying new recipes is one of my favorites!

 {my T-shirt Rug!}
i've have thee greatest family! they are more than i could ever ask for!

I'm a super busy college student, but i truly have a zest for life! and i always find time for the things i love!
{My three best friends who have been there from the start, literally, we have been at each other's side since elementary school! Would be lost without them}
thanks so much for reading! it really means the world! I hope i can help you in some way!

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