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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ruffles Out. Chevron In!

Look at this!


Fabulous right!? I remember my first time seeing one of these... Ahh.. good times.  

Now you see.. a few months ago, it was Ruffles! Ruffles! Ruffles! But let me tell you somethin.. Ruffles out! Chevron in!!! I love love love lovvvve it! The pattern is everywhere! Including my Pinterest boards! {Funny... I'm POSITIVE I said this exact thing about a month ago only I was talking about ruffles!!!}

So here we go!!
First we start with the flower. Which is made by cutting tonsss of petals out of felt!

Scissors {Duh..}
Some kinda fabric glue {I used hot glue, I think that's best because it will set faster}
Felt sheets {I used 4 per flower}
A bit of thin cardboard {from like a cereal box or something}

To start, cut your felt into strips {2.5 inch, 2, 1.75, 1.5, 1} Then cut your strips into 2.5 inch, 2, 1.75, 1.5, 1 squares. After you got your squares start making petals outta them. I wanted a bigger flower so I did 5 petal sizes, it was about 8 inches in diameter.

To make the petals cut each square into a rounded petal shape, with a wide base and a pointed tip.

{I made 'master copies' of each size because I wanted all of them to be the same because I'm OCD.. And because I felt it would be easier because I was planning on making three!}

So after the petals cut a 4 1/2 inch circle outta cardboard then a felt circle a bit bigger than the cardboard to cover it.

Start gluing the petals on, starting with the largest.

Notice that the space between the first and second row isn't a big one. You want to overlap them as much as you can. You also want to make sure you have a good space in the middle when you are all done.

It should look somethin like this!

For the center I used a rounded button.
I used a 12x12 piece of wood, you coulddd use a canvas.. but I figured a piece of wood would be cheaper! It was love at first sight with this fabric! Isn't it a beauty!? I just knew I wanted it in my house!
{Anyhow... I basically just stapled the fabric on the back of the wood and hot glued the flower in the center.}

{They make me soooo happy!}
Now here comes some creative geniusness! I used pop tops to hang them!
I screwed a screw through the bottom hole and bent the top half for the nail to hang on.

There is seriously nothing better than the feeling of being done with a project!

...except it goes away quickly when you turn around and see the big mess you have to clean up.

Anddd that's it! I'm really happy with them! It didn't take me a long time so that is always a plus {I usually spend months on a project} I've gotten a lot of complements too, always rewarding(:
I love the yellow one! It started a whole new color scheme in our living room/dinning room area! We are starting to experiment with colors other than red! Which is exciting!

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  1. You are way too talented; I wonder where you get that from!