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Monday, January 9, 2012

All About the Wreaths! {January Wreath}

Wreaths!! I'm officially obsessed! And its funny because I never thought anything of them because I don't know.. it just seems like an old person thing! When I told my best friend that i was making a wreath she totally laughed at me! Like it was the funniest thing in the world! But I don't blame her! ..I would have totally done the same thing like a month ago, before I found out my love for them!

I don't know what came over me.. Maybe it is because every other post on Pinterest is an adorable wreath?! And if you are not obsessed with Pinterest yet, i suggest you click on the link and explore it for about 10 seconds, that is about how many seconds it will take to get you hooked!

 Here is some thing that will give you a little bit of a perspective:

Here is the pin I found, I didn't make it exactly like the picture shows but I got all my inspiration form it so I thought you'd like to see it, anddd it's super cute!!!
Adorable right!?

All right! Lets get started!

Here is what you will need:

Pool Noodle
More Felt or Fabric (about 1/2 yard depends how big you make your wreath)
Duck Tape
Straight Pins
Floral Pearl Pins (Don't have to have these, it would just make the flowers pretty)

{I chose white for the wreath color, and blues and greys for the flowers, because i thought they would be totally appropriate for January colors!}
So The pool noodle is my favorite part! I love finding things that you can use to make other things! And we seriously have like 10! So it was cheap, easy, and convenient! I cut my noodle down to about 46 inches,then duck taped the ends together.
I did it by myself, you might want someone there to help you! It was a little tough!

{I also saw a pin suggesting using foam tubing that is super cheep at Home Depot, not a bad idea either!}

Cut the Fabric you are using to cover the wreath with. Regular fabric is fine, I used felt.
I found it worked better when i cut then at a slant, leaving me with a thick end and a skinnier end.

Pin the skinnier end onto the noodle and then wrap wreath and continue pinning and wrapping the fabric securely onto wreath..

 ..until the entire wreath is covered in fabric.

Out of the felt for the flowers cut circles, lots and lots of circles!! Size doesn't really matter, just whatever you feel like!
 {Just a note, Hobby Lobby sells 8x10 felt sheets for 25 cents!! And in like every color! I used about 6-7}

To make the flower fold in half once...

 ..then fold again, pretty simple!

Then pin it on the wreath!

 Arrange them until it looks somewhat like this:

 So at this point I thought I was done. It sat in my kitchen for about a week because it was December when I made it, and it is obviously a January wreath so I couldn't put it up quite yet. Anyway! It sat in my kitchen, and after looking at it everyday I decided it needed more flowers! So I make a quick trip to Hobby Lobby and got some more felt and I was back to cutting circles again! 

I'm glad I decided to add more! It ended up looking way better!

Now it hangs happily on my front door in all its glory!
Total cost: $2.50!!

 So I don't know about you, but I'd say my first wreath was definitely a success! I really want to make one for every month! I just think that would be so fantastic! So if you liked this, I'm positive there will be more wreaths to come!


  1. So cute!!! I need to get back on board with making things from pinterest. I stopped a few months back. I propose we have a pinterest party and all us girls get together and make a craft!