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Saturday, January 28, 2012

February Fever!!! { Part One! }

Kelsey on Valentines Day last year and every year before that: "Vday is lame and overrated!"

Kelsey after she discovered Pinterest: "Ahhhhhh! I lovvvve Vday! It is so fabulous and wonderful! And I can't wait to decorate the house with adorable things!

So after creating a new beautiful board devoted to Valentines Day, What's Red and Pink and Has Hearts All Over!?, I had my hands full!

I'm going to start with the thing Ive been dreaming to make since the day i saw them!
{If you are a Pinterester I know you have seen and felt the same immediate attraction!}

Tissue Paper Pom-Poms!!

{I know you love them}

All ya need is some tissue paper, about 10 sheets, a bag tie, and some ribbon!

Soooooo. I took 10 20x20 sheets, I cut the sheets smaller for some to make then different sizes. 
{This is one of the smaller ones}

Then you fold is accordion style.
{The smaller the folds the better} 

Use a bag tie to hold the middle together
 {Don't make it tight and scrunchy like, it will make it harder to separate the sheets}

I tied the ribbon in the middle BEFORE I separated the sheets because it made life easier(:

 Now just separate and fluff out each sheet!

 I trimmed mine up a little because it was a little awkward shaped
 {Look how fabulous!!}

Thennn because I couldn't just stop there! I cut out X's and O's and hung them to add to the cuteness!

 And here it is!

Everyone heeds to make these at least once in their life!!

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