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Friday, March 16, 2012

One Foot In Front of The Other (New House Deco Part Oneee)

Oh goodness its been a crazy month!! But things have finally been coming around! As you can see, since I'm finally putting up my first blog about the new house decorations!

My first Pinterest obsession I'm going to tell you about is the ruffles! Seriously my board For The New Place is crawling with them!!

These pretty babys are what started my ruffled pillow craze

Here are our ruffled pillow covers that I can not take credit for! Because my momma made them for us!

                                                              {She is so great!}

All she did was cover some old ugly pillows in fabric and then hot glued ruffled strips on and they look fabulous! She made those flowers out of felt, so it was all cheap and quite simple!

Now that's not all mother did! She also helped me with my fabulous shower curtain 
{It is seriously the love of my life!}

...Well besides the love of my life...
{Haha Love this picture!}

Anyways.. So the shower curtain is beautiful! As you can see.. And once again... I owe it all to my mom!

Basically we got a yard of each color {there was 5} and cut them in half then trimmed the bottoms down to about 15-16 inches, and then sewed the colors together.
 To make the ruffles you sew a single thread along the top with the widest stitching setting and pulled one of the strings to gather it.

Then after they are all ruffled, sew the colors on a sheet over lapping each other, and you might have to cut the sheet down to fit the shower.{I only had to cut a little of the bottom off, but I don't know what size it was!}

Sorry if this doesn't make sense... I don't really know what I'm talking about... But what I do know is that I wish we would have done 3 or even 4 yards per color, because we really didn't get a lot of ruffle out of them because they weren't as long as we wanted.

Here {Sister View} is the blog I copied, she does a much better job of explaining it! 

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  1. I love your shower curtain! I just bought one for $20.00 because I am not a sewer at all. Although maybe I can make Alayna make one for me...