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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cupcake Liners and Pool Noodles (Valentines Day Wreath)

Weird combination, I know... But man do they make a fabulous wreath!

I'm sorry this is so close to Vdayyy, I really wanted to put this out a long time ago so you could actually consider this for you Vday wreath! But maybe next year, yeah!?  
{It's no question that I got this idea from Pinterest, but I altered it quite a bit and made it my own!}

Cupcake Liner Wreath

Cupcake liners
foam wreath
Straight pins
crepe paper

First wrap the wreath with the crape paper that matches your color scheme.
 {Of course I used my famous pool noodle wreath idea}

 You will need a ton of cupcake liners! Don't underestimate the number of them you will use because there can never be too much! I can't tell you exactly how many I used, I wish I could! But I didn't keep track.. but I do know it was over 100!

Ok so pin the liners on with the pins, you might wanna experiment a little! Crumple them, try putting them on different ways, its still gonna look great no matter what you do!
{The poofier you make them the better! And the closer you put them, again... the better}

I found these glittery foam hearts at Walmart for a dollar, and figured I would find a way to use them in my Vday decorations some how! And obviously they ended up on my wreath!
{And I'm glad I bought them because they really added that gorgeous touch that I needed for my wreath!}

{I just absolutely lovvvvve them!}

So I just kept pinning and pinning and pinning.... Kinda like I do when I'm on Pinterest all day(:

A ton of liners and pins later, andddd another trip to the store to buy moreeee liners, my beautiful wreath was complete!!

Total Cost: $9
{That's not too bad, considering 3/4 of the cost was for the cupcake liners!}

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