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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fifty-Two For My Baby

So I seriously have been dying to get this one up! But obviously..... I couldn't because it was a present for my love<3 If you are a Pinterest user I know you have seen this one its basically famous!

I actually officially decided to make one after reading my wonderful/ amazing/ fabulous/ crafty friend Alayna's blog about all the fabulous things she made for Christmas presents {Christmas Craftiness}So me.. being a scanner, NOT a reader. "Read" about her making these 52 reason decks...
...then I continued to scan and saw something about putting pictures on somethin with mod podge {She was totally talking about a total different gift by the way..} but I thought, 'Ohh what a great idea! Put pictures on the cards along with the reasons!' So that got me really excited! Even with the mix up and all ...I still love to say she was my inspiration!!

So I started cutting out pictures of us, I used every single picture I could find of us and it still wasn't enough! So I started using pictures of me. I hated that part cuz I felt so weird and conceded putting just a picture of me on there but I knew he would lovee!
{I used double sided tape to put everything on, because I'm in love with the stuff! It just works so nicely!}

I really underestimated the time this would take me! It took forever! And I was only half donee

{I still had some plain cards without any pictures! This bothered me greatly! But I just covered those up with scrapbook paper!}

So after writing and adding some scrapbook paper they looked a little like this(:

So by the time I was allllll finished the deck was so thick that the rings I was going to bind it with didn't even fit!!
{I was not expecting it to be this thick! I guess I got a little crazy!}

Soooo.. Like I said earlier.. It took a little longer that I wanted it to! Therefore... when Vday rolled around... I was not finished! Haha so my boyfriend.. Being the funny boy that he is.. Took on the job to finish his own present!
{And if you know him... you know that it is just like him to do something like that!!}

All that was left to do was string some ribbon through it {his great idea to bind it together!}

{Finished Product!}

I love it! It was a lot of fun when you take away the stressful part of getting it done on time!

Total cost: $18
Used and old deck of cards so that was free, of course I got all the paper half off! And the rest of the cost was the pictures I developed.