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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pour Me A Tall One!

Evey single person in this world likes smoothies! Seriously think about it! There is not one single person you can offer a smoothie to and there reply be.. "Oh no thanks, smoothies aren't my thing man..." Like that just doesn't happen!!!! So. That is why I am dedicating this blog to the worlds greatest liquid invention! ...
{The Fruit Smoothie.}

Now that I have convinced all y'all that smoothies are thee best I'm going to talk about the worlds second greatest love! {Obviously smoothies are number one!} Convenience. "Naw man.. Convenience isn't my thing either.. I like to take the long hard route bro..." Just doesn't happen. {Who the heck is this guy!?!??}

So lets put these two wonderful things together.. and we get...
{Premade Freezable Fruit Smoothies!!}

{Cut up fruit is seriously the most beautiful thing in the world! It makes me so happy!}

Alright enough chitchat! Let me throw this down for ya... 

Get all the fruit you want! Seriously there is no limits here! Whatever your heart desires! Go crazy! And a tub of yogurt, I do not recommend the plain kind.. its really gross!! {Learned that the hard way!} Its not horrible when its mixed in with the fruit.. but it could be better! The Light and Fit is a really good choice because its like half the calories than Yoplait! Or Greek yogurt is super good for you! Just make sure there is a little flavor in there!
{But in case you have a hard time deciding here is what I got.. blueberries {frozen}, blackberries {frozen}, strawberries, pineapple, kiwi, and bananas!}

So I suggest you use a mini muffin pan to freeze the yogurt, but if you don't have one a cookie sheet will work too. {That's what I did} So spoon a heaping tablespoon in each cup

{Or spoon it onto the pan in little piles and don't let them touch if you are using a pan!}

After you have popped the yogurt in the freezer start cutting up your fruit. Remember these will be frozen when you put them into the blender so don't make them too big, just normal size.

As I was cutting up the kiwi I was like how the heck do you get the skin off!? Right before my last one I was like A VEGETABLE PEELER! At the moment I felt like a super genius! Ha but now I look back and think.. duh that was totally obvious!! Just thought I'd share my blond moment just in case you have the same problem.

Dezi loves when we cut up fruit cuz we cant help throw her a piece every five seconds with that cute little face! 

And my daddy loves when we cut up fruit because we save the scraps and bring them over for his compost! {I'm all about the compost!}

Lay the fruit out so its not touching and freeze it.

Next lay them out like this and take a beautiful delicious picture like this! Haaa just kidding, just kidding

Put 2-3 yogurts in each bag, along with a mix of about a cup and a half of fruit. This is the fun part! Making different combinations and such. my favorite one was a pineapple strawberry blackberry one! It was so good!

{After I was all done and putting the bags in the freezer I found another tray of fruit! Ha it was a bitter sweet moment.}

So when you're craving a smoothie or your in a hurry just dump a bag in the freezer with some milk {and maybe some protein or spinach} and you got a ticket to a quick delicious meal!!

Tip to make your life easier: 
Make sure the yogurt and fruit freeze all the way! Especially the yogurt! Because if you don't when you go to put the bags together the yogurt will melt super fast and when you freeze the bags the yogurt will just refreeze with all the fruit and make a huge frozen ball and it will be horrible and INCONVENIENT when you go to blend it!

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