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Friday, October 26, 2012

Me? Photographer...??

Oh boy! It has been quite the month! First. Congratulations to my FAVORITE couple! My best friend is engaged guys! {The whole purpose of this post!} Ive known her since 3rd grade! Its so weird! But Im incredibly happy for her and her fiancée, who Ive know for even longer! So that being said guess who got to take their engagements!? Yeah, apparently Im a photographer?? I guess this didnt come out of nowhere; Ive always had an eye for photography but Ive never put myself out there for it! Until recently, and Im not going to lie Im kind of impressed with myself!

I had so much fun with these two! Not like I wasnt already, but I totally fell in love with them! For the first session we went to an old junkyard, this place is definitely my favorite! So many neat old things! And lots of things to work with. My cousins boyfriend proudly let us use his 62 Chevy. And boy did it make the pictures! It looked fantastic!

Ok nuf said! Here they are!! 

Then for our second session we went to Coon's Bluff and got some beautiful shots! It was so pretty out there!

{Perfect timing to show the real side of this goofball!}

Then while we were driving home, I noticed the sun was perfect for some gorgeous shots, despite their complaining we pulled over and got some fantastic shots!


  1. Honestly you did such a wonderful job! In fact....Justin and I would love to have a couple shots for Christmas cards...just sayin... :)
    When you get your own fancy camera let us know and we can be your first paying clients!