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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Winter Hipster Love

Photography! Photography! Photography! Thats all I can think about! I feel like is is my calling in life! So that being said... when Tobes asked if I wanted to take a little road trip to Globe to scout out good photo shoot spots I was so down!

We started our little adventure in the little town of Superior!

 {This is definitely one of my favorites! Tobie is such a natural! She did such a good job!}

{Superior was great so many awesome old buildings! My favorite were the colored buildings like this yellow one}

Then we made our way to good ol' Miami

{I love the winter hipster theme that she went for she totally rocked it}

 {She is so awkward and I love it}

I'd call our day a success! We had so much fun and I got some great new ideas!

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