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Friday, December 21, 2012

A Little Thing I'd Like to Call Christmas Crack

Guys. Yumm.
This stuff is AHHHHmazing! 
So good.
Andddd not that bad to make!

I needed something cute and Christmassy to give out to those who I adore! And I came across these lil beauties and was like… yup.  

Tutorial time!! But first... a story.

So I came home from the store {if I learned one thing today its don't go to Wal-Mart the weekend before Christmas.. Just don't.} and I realize need DOUBLE STUFFED Oreos to make Oreo pops! I got regular. So I had to go BACK to that crazy place and get more Oreos. 
{I was not happy} 
And then I had all these extra Oreos! And I was not about to let those go to waste! Or myyy waist!! So I made regular {Not as adorable} plain ol' chocolate covered Oreos. 

{But it ended up being good, because since I had so much extra I wrapped them up and gave them to my little swimmers! And they were a huge hit!}

Christmas Crack Oreos!

    EMelting Chocolate {I used a pound per Oreo package}
    ECandy Canes {Like 3 per package}
    ELollypop Sticks {I used 6 inch ones}

Separate all the Oreos
 {These are the regular Oreos {before I knew I needed double stuffed!} the double stuffed separated a lot cleaner!} 

Use one of your lollypop sticks to create a groove like this...

Melt your chocolate

Add a good amount of chocolate on the half without cream. 
 Dip your stick in the melted chocolate and place it in the grove and push it into the cream, then squish the halves together.

Freeze the pops for 10-20 minutes {Crush your candy canes while they are freezing, I used a blender}

If your Oreo breaks while you are separating them don’t you worry! Mend the two halves with chocolate! {Chocolate covered Oreos are very forgiving!}

To dip the Oreo in the melting chocolate I just dropped one side in then covered the other side with a spoon 
 {This is just a regular covered Oreo, but its basically the same thing whether you’re covering a pop or not}

Lift out of chocolate and shake off extra chocolate over the bowl
The lollypop sticks make covering them in chocolate a breeze, because you don't have to grab the Oreo out of the chocolate and ruin the smooth chocolate coat {or burn your fingers a hundred times.}
If you are making them without the sticks just fix them with a little extra chocolate .
All better!

Place onto wax paper and sprinkle with crushed candy canes.

Andddd you’re done!

Just freeze them until they’re hard. 

For the pops I individually wrapped them in cake pop bags and tied them with holiday ribbon

And with the regulars I wrapped in goodie bags! The ribbon just makes them 10x cuter! I love it! 

Well I hope I didn’t post this too late to make your holiday goodie list! Because I’m not joking when I said they are delicious! And everyone loved them!
Merry Christmas!

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