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Friday, December 14, 2012

Just Another Thing Under My Belt...

Don't you just love saying DONE!? Love it so much that you throw your hands up and sing 'doooooneee!!!' and do a little dance?! Or... is that just me? I love it! That feeling you get after finishing a project is just too good!! {Especially when it's been sitting on my living room floor screaming... FINISH ME! For the past month!} 

Here they are... my pride and joy! My big accomplishment! My proud moment!

My mom is always getting us random things she finds at Goodwill or garage sells so about a month ago she found these matching wooden mirrors for $5 I think {P.S. I've been dying to find something to go on the big ugly empty space above my couch!} So you can you can see why I was excited when I figured out what I was gonna do with them!

They were originally tan so I started by painting them white.

I got a printable chevron template from {Billie Monster} and used that to measure where I taped off.
There is seriously nothing I can tell you to make taping it easier! It is just something you have to learn by doing it and experimenting! its a little hard at first, but it does get easier over time! By my second mirror I was pro!

Once I was all done I checked all the edges to make sure they were good and pressed down, then I spray painted the whole thing.

I let it dry and then peeled the tape off, it turned out beautiful!

Im just happy I got something on that wall, it's barrenness was driving me nuts!
{My walls are complete!! Except Im probably gonna paint the center circle thing red... Only because I can't just be happy and move on... }

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  1. K, why is everything you do so adorable?? I wish I had the patience for these things. Looks great!!