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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Easy As 1, 2... That's It! {Paper Garland}

I. Love. This. I love it! Its just the right touch for ANY event and its E-A-S-Y

Step one.

Collect card stock in the colors that you want along with an old book that you don't mind ruining forever.

Step Two.

Grab a circle cutter and and an eager volunteer.
{preferably one who is crazy and will make you laugh the whole time} 

Step Three.

Cut your heart out! Seriously cut out a million! 

{I mean have your volunteer cut out a million...}

Step Four.

Sew those bad boys together!

 {AKA... The most fun you'll ever have! The sewing machine will do most the work, you just have to feed it.}

{Step Five: Make sure your volunteer doesn't get distracted...}

 Anddddd that is it! What did I tell ya?? Easy.


  1. My friend did this with a bunch of different colored paint samples and a heart cutter, then strung it up in her room! I want to make one!! The whole shower was adorable, you're incredible!

    1. Paint Samples! Now thats a great idea! And thanks!